Allow web services access

Enable your ServiceNow instances to accept Quality Clouds scans performed via REST API calls by allowing your sys_package table to accept web services. The access has to be granted after each ServiceNow upgrade as it resets the setting.

  1. Log in to your ServiceNow as an administrator.
  2. In the System Definition > Tables select the sys_package table.
  3. Check the Can read and the Allow access to this table via web services checkboxes.

For ServiceNow instances with SSO system: 

Make sure that the admin user to be launching scans in Quality Clouds uses local authenticaion and is able to use the REST API.

Grant IP address access

For instances with IP restrictions, make sure you add an exception for the following IP address:

Enable performance data

Optionally, to enable data on performance (e.g. slow client transactions), enable the ServiceNow Client Transactions Timings plugin which enhances the system logs. For more information, check the ServiceNow documentation article